Welcome! Our non-profit organization in Modesto only, is dedicated to saving, caring and adopting out cats and kittens. We do not euthanize any cat or kitten unless it cannot be saved or is suffering. These animals live in housed, not caged shelters. All are vaccinated, spayed or neutered and tested for leukemia. At the shelter, we have a registered feral colony and a sanctuary for extremely abused unadoptables that will live out their lives in the sanctuary with love, respect and care. Some of these babies have been shot, hung, burned, abandoned, left homeless to starve and fear everyday. Their only downfall was being born and unwanted. We greatly need your donations to keep this shelter running. From our limited resources, we don't travel to trap cats. Thank you. 

                Using your donations to change the lives of many cats and kittens.

Unseen they suffer. Unheard they cry.    
In agony they linger. In loneliness they die.

A view of a happy kitten and an outside look from inside.