OUR MISSION is to save the lives, reduce suffering and improve the lives of all cats abused, abandoned and homeless. To give them another chance at life and a loving home. To
spay/neuter and leukemia test all cats that come to the shelter and to find good homes for the adoptable ones but I need your donations to keep this mission alive. 

Unseen they suffer
Unheard they cry
In agony they linger
In loneliness they die
                Please help save a life. Spay or neuter your animals.
Most shelters are full because of the kitten seasons. Please spay and neuter your cats to prevent future unwanted kittens. Thank you to all the people who help stray cats and kittens that are abandoned because of home forclosures and dump offs. We get so many emails from people who seek help in finding homes for these abandoned animals rather that see them being put to sleep. God bless you.
Adoption policy: If you decide to adopt a cat or kitten from Kitty Haven Sanctuary, you agree to keep the cat or kitten inside for life and to never declaw the animal. To take it to the Veterinary on a yearly basis or as your Veterinary recommends. To love, feed and give fresh water on a daily basis. To never sell, trade or give away the cat or kitten. If you need to part with the cat or kitten, it must be returned to Kitty Haven Sanctuary. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone. We don't travel to trap or pick up cats or kittens. Thank you.
Cats and kittens at Kitty Haven are given a homestyle environment with beds and toys in houses. 
Maggie at 32 years old.
Maggie at 33rd birthday.
Happy 31st birthday Maggie and may you have many more. Born 8/15/1984.
Maggie at 34 years old. This is amazing for a cat to live this long.