Success Stories 

Snowflake arrived at the shelter badly
abused and very scared. Through much love and care, she is doing better now  but still has nose bleeds now and then that are less frequent now than when she first arrived at the shelter. 
There are many other stories like
these about cats and kittens that
have been dumped at the shelter
in grave conditions. Thank you for
checking out this site and greatly
appreciate your giving to help us
out to keep this shelter running.
As you can imagine, it's costly to
operate a shelter like this and is
dependent upon donations. 
Unseen they suffer.
Unheard they cry.
In agony the linger.
In loneliness they die.
There are many cats and kittens that 
are available for adoption. If you are
interested in adopting, please email
to set up a time for visiting as there is
a lot of work that goes into keeping up 
the shelter. Thank you.
Coco - malnurished.
Mercy - used for fishbait.
Kayla - badly abused.
Zachariah before on right beaten.
Now on left healthy. Thanks to your
generous giving.
For recent adoptions, you can view our Facebook page. Just search for kitty haven in Modesto. If you can send a monthly donation for this cause, it is greatly needed. Thank you.
Tiny Boy was diagnosed with a tumor and has cancer. After surgury, he is tumor and cancer free.
Weakie is diabetic and needs insulin twice a day.
Frosty was badly abused and needed acupuncture treatment.
Lizzy is a feral that had 2 broken legs and broken back. After surgury, she's doing good and lovable.